New Face of MS

Here it is folks…the new face of MS. That is what my neurologist said about me the other day. He sees all sorts of patients all day every day and I am pretty sure I am one of his patients that is doing the best. In fact, he told me that no one would believe me if I told them I have MS. And, that I can forget that I have MS except for twice a day when I need to take my medication. 

I actually think every time he sees me he is trying really hard to find something wrong with me. He always starts with my eyes first. Not really fair if you ask me – ha! Then we do some hand-eye coordination, some reflex checks, tapping my feet, walking in straight lines down the hall, doing the “drunk” walk test, balancing with my eyes closed, balancing on one foot. Sometimes the tests are slightly different, but just trying to find any nerves that might not be working how they should be. Of course, I am always a bit nervous that there could be something we miss. Like a numb spot or something. That is what we missed that one year. A numb spot on my face. I am hoping that we would catch it if there was something going on.

He hopes that someday “I” will be the new face of MS. That as more and more people get diagnosed early and on treatment right away it can be stopped in its tracks. This is still pretty new in the last few years to diagnose people as early as they diagnosed me. I am very thankful that it was caught early and that I started treatment right away. I personally am praying that I indeed can continue to have a boring version of this disease. Another word he used, boring. All things I want to hear. Along with that, he doesn’t need to see me for another year. I have to have routine blood work done for the medication I am taking, but otherwise, I don’t need an MRI until next summer and don’t need and plan to visit him until next summer. 

So now I am on a track to just keep taking my medication, to pray that the medication does what it is supposed to do and stop any relapses from happening, and to pray that my body does not start showing signs of liver or kidney issues because I would like to be able to stay on this treatment plan for a long time. 

Thank you for all your continued support and prayers. I feel very fortunate to be where I am today and so blessed to have been treated by top medical experts in the area. 

You are my hiding place and my shield; I hope in Your word.

Psalm 119:114





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