About Me

My name is Rachel and I am a daughter, wife, mother, friend, and believer in Christ. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis just days before my 30th birthday. Happy Birthday? Not quite the gift I was wanting. I am a UW graduate, GO DAWGS. After my son was born I left the field of marketing to become a full-time Mom. I am loving my new job and feel blessed to have the opportunity to play, teach, and explore with my son and daughter. I live about 30 minutes southeast of Seattle in a suburb called Renton. I love long walks, coffee (although I do drink decaf nowadays), softball, sewing, golf, and going to Seahawks games. I have two fur babies, my dog, Nala, and my cat, Boots.

Rachel and Mitchell at Seahawks SuperBowl Game
Super Bowl XLVIII

I am an introvert and can easily be persuaded to order takeout and relax at home for a peaceful evening with my husband, but I am blessed to have friends who can pull me out of my introverted shell to enjoy a game night, grab a bite to eat, go for a walk (if you live in the area, I highly recommend the Redmond River Trail with a stop at River Trail Roasters on your way), go to the zoo, or play a sport. I have learned the importance of sharing life with people. Do not let yourself journey through life alone.

I am a Christian woman, trying to be refined and purified in Christ. I have many imperfections and hope to be a source of hope for those who also feel inadequate. I do not want to be defined by my MS, but refined by my MS. I want this lifelong trial to be a learning opportunity for me to grow closer to God, become gracious with myself and others, and be hopeful that God can work in mysterious and marvelous ways. I can’t wait to see how he transforms, refines, and defines my life.