6 Months on Kesimpta

6 Months on Kesimpta

It is hard to believe I have been on Kesimpta for 6 months already (technically a bit longer than 6 months, more like 8, since I am delayed at posting this blog). So far everything is going really well. I rotate my legs for my monthly shots. I tried my stomach once because a lot of people prefer their stomach, but that shot was excruciating for me for some reason. I used to do my Copaxone shots in my stomach, but I was barely able to keep the shot in long enough for the medication to go in the one month I did that, so I will be sticking to my thighs from now on. 

There aren’t too many side effects, that I can tell or have noticed, from this medication. Every so often I get a headache, but if I stay on top of being hydrated that helps keep the headaches away. I also feel a bit fatigued at times, but sometimes I wonder if that is the medication or just life with two little ones. So far, I would prefer to stay on this medication for as long as possible. 

I went in for a check-in with my neurologist and ran a lot of blood tests to make sure my liver, kidneys, and all the other blood panel checks are looking normal. I have learned to hate even routine blood tests because it seems like there is always something that comes back a little bit high or low and then they have to retest in a few months. This time everything looked great and normal! So everything is going well in my bloodwork. 

My neurologist once again told me that I am the new “poster child” for MS. He told me to go run and tell all my friends that MS isn’t so bad, lol. I mean, I get what he is trying to say, but also, I still don’t want to have it and wouldn’t want my friends to have it. Plus, I still know a ton of people who would not appreciate this because the disease is attacking their bodies. However, he did also tell me that stopping the disease in the first 5 years is crucial. That they see a huge decline for people in those first 5 years and so if you can stop it early, it can really impact how people are doing long-term. I had heard that early intervention was important, but I don’t think I realized that they are thinking that disease progression might not be so bad for those who can stop it immediately. I mean, time will tell, but I hope that is true. And, if that is the case, it has been 5 years almost to the day since I lost my eyesight. 

My next MRI will be sometime in August or September and we will see if there is any disease progression or activity in that scan. My neuro made it sound like even if there is a bit of activity we would probably stay on Kesimpta because it is one of the best medications out there, and it actually takes about 6 months to start working. So, here we are today and it should finally be working, I guess. 

I always appreciate prayers for my health and that my medication is working how it should be. And, continued prayers that I don’t have a relapse or any sort of setback. I am truly grateful that God has protected me for the past 5 years from a major relapse. 







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  1. Debbie Avatar

    Love ❤️ your blogoo

    1. Rachel Avatar

      Thanks, Debbie! <3

  2. Sharon (mom) Avatar
    Sharon (mom)

    I am praying all the time.

    1. Rachel Avatar

      Thanks, Mom! Always appreciate the prayers.